Did April Showers Bring May Flowers or More Death?

Did April Showers Bring May Flowers or More Death?

Compiled by Robert D. Sollars


A report of a girls’ softball playoff game, in which the catcher intentionally hit the batter in the head with the ball instead the correct 3rd base position was filmed. I couldn’t find the date on any of the news feeds but I list it here as I have it.

Austin., TX. Date unk. (school)                      2w

New York, NY. May 1 (subway)                    1d

Atlanta, GA. May 3 (hospital)                        1d4w

Davis, CA. May 3 (school)                 2d1w

Toledo, OH. May 4 (school)               1w

Toledo, OH. May 5 (school)               1w

McHenry CTY. GA. May 5 (school)  1w

Palo Alto, CA. May 5 (school)                       3w

Allen, TX. May 6 (mall)                                 9d7w

Boston, MA. May 7 (air flight)                      0

Phoenix, AZ. May 7 (retail)                1w

Peoria, AZ. May 7 (restaurant)                       1w

Peoria, AZ. May 9 (school)                0

Richmond, VA. May 9 (hospital)                   1d

Mesa, AZ. May 10 (school)                1d

Toledo, OH. May 10 (school)             1w

Fairfax, VA. May 15 (congressional ofc)       2w

APPALACHIA, Va. May 15 (school)            10w

Shrewsbury, MA. May 15 (school)  0

Tonopah, AZ. May 17 (arson)                    0

Avondale, AZ. May 19 (school)                     0

Kansas City, MO.  May 21 (bar)                    3d2w

Danvers, MA. May 22 (school)                      0

Boston, MA. May 22 (school)                        0

Washington D.C. May 22 (WH)                     0

Chicago, IL. May 22 (airport)             10w

Philadelphia, Pa. May 23 (bus)                       1w

New York, NY. May 23 (school)                    0

Eugene, OR. May 24 (school)                        0

Minneapolis, MN. May 25 (school)    1w

Dallas, TX. May 255 (school)                        0

Scottsdale, AZ. May 29 (mall)                        2w

Fall River, MA. May 29 (car wash)   1d

Phoenix, AZ. May 30 (C store)          1w

May:  33  incidents      19 Dead     49 Wounded


Year-to-date: 18,181                           Arizona: 51

The sudden increase is based on the number of school administrators/students as well as airline flight crews that were expected to be assaulted for the entire year …according to the respective associations

90 Dead                       170 Wounded


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