A scenario of School Violence & Recent Media Appearance

On July 30, I was interviewed by Bob Branco & Peter Alcohol for the In Perspective podcast. We discussed bullying, mask wearing, and several other issues with safety in schools. Here is the link https://www.brancoevents.com/in-perspective-216-robert-sollars-talks-about-safety-in-school/ Two young lovers, one 18 and his transgender girlfriend, 17, quietly sneak out of class and meet up. Stealthily, they […]

Workplace Violence

Was April a month for Pranks or Death?

There were no jokes or pranks this month. The number of incidents, reported and I recorded, were astronomical compared to the pandemic levels. It’s on par to be the same kind of year, maybe a bit more than 2019. This isn’t surprising to me in the least. Why I feel that way you ask? People […]

Workplace Violence

Does Your Organization Know?

Does your company know the answers to these questions?  the 24 warning signs?  43% of all WPV begins as domestic violence…which includes child abuse for schools? the attitudes that encourage violence?  More than 50 incidents of violence, many, many facets, occur every day in schools? how much just one incident could cost your organization? the […]

Workplace Violence
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