Active Shooter Preparedness & Survival – Part 2

In part 1, I posted a conversation with a female friend concerning the apparent disinterest and lack of preparedness that her former employer, ad multi-national hotel chain, had for disabled employees in an active shooter situation and therefore an emergency. When I let others know I was writing this series, individuals who have also experienced […]


Did the Dog Days of Summer become deadly?

I think the dog days themselves just rolled over and tried to stay cool under a tree! Not many incidents this month, fatal or not, probably because of politics, political conventions, the virus, and other concerns of the media. I digress with it; therefore, I post the numbers of WPV/SV incidents that I receive on […]



  Written & copyrighted by Robert D. Sollars Welcome to the blog for my new company: Sollars Violence Prevention Training & Consulting. We want to be considered the go-to training & consulting company for both workplace & school violence (WPV/SV) prevention. I am Robert D. Sollars, owner, let me give you a brief rundown of […]


Cold, Hard, Realistic Facts

  Written & Copyrighted By Robert D. Sollars This post is a simple way of informing you of the danger that everyone is in when they go to work. It doesn’t matter where you work, because the insidiousness of workplace violence (WPV) will invade it sooner or later. These may be a bit overwhelming to […]


Does Your Organization Know?

Does your company know the answers to these questions?  the 24 warning signs?  43% of all WPV begins as domestic violence…which includes child abuse for schools? the attitudes that encourage violence?  More than 50 incidents of violence, many, many facets, occur every day in schools? how much just one incident could cost your organization? the […]

Workplace Violence
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