Blind Author Publishes 2nd Fiction Book and 5th overall

Tempe, AZ. Robert D. Sollars December 8, 2021


“Blind, not to mention other disabled, people can do almost anything a sighted one can do. I know for a fact that there are many other blind authors doing this work…and they’re good in different genres!” so says Robert D. Sollars.


Sollars is the author of the released self-published short story collection “Evil is as Evil Does and other Dark Tales. His first novel was released in August, Legend of Three Book 1: The Rise of MarPatconia, and he plans sequels for the novel and at least two other short story collections in the coming months, not to mention another security book on preventing school & workplace violence.


A brief synopsis is right here:

Horror in a hoarder house. Vividly imagined murder. A battered woman’s surprise protectors. Human kindness during the apocalypse. A deep freeze with no escape. People from a man’s past have come back to punish him. And yes, cigarettes can kill you.

These are just a few of the plot elements found in this grim, graphic, imaginative collection.  As you read, prepare to meet demons, clowns, snakes, aliens, and vengeful former lovers in highly original situations. Not for nothing does the author warn the reader, in an introductory note, that the content may be too intense for some. But fans of horror films and fiction have a lot to look forward to.

About the Author

Robert D. Sollars lives in Tempe, Arizona. He is best known for his previous books on school and workplace security, as well as a short, practical book on customer satisfaction. His first published work of fiction, a sword and sorcery fantasy novel, was released in August 2021. This is his first collection of stories. More novels and stories are to come.

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