Autumn Arrival Marked a Decline in WPV/SV Deaths…

Autumn Arrival Marked a Decline in WPV/SV Deaths…

Compiled by Robert D. Sollars

Tons of threats were viewed by people, but very few deaths occurred this month. Although the total number of incidents that I recorded was fairly high, not as many deaths or injuries were incurred during WPV/SV incidents.


PORT ALLEN, La. Sept. 1                                      0

Boston, MA, Sept. 2 (mid-flight)                 0

Tempe, AZ. Sept. 3 (school)                         1w

Birmingham, AL Sept 4 (restaurant/ER)  2d  3w

Phoenix, AZ. Sept. 4 (mall)                            1d

Phoenix, AZ. Sept 5 (school)                        0

Oakland, CA. Sept. 5 (school)                                    2w

Phoenix, AZ. Sept 6 (school threat)                             0

Mesa, AZ. Set. 7 (retail)                                            1d

Utica, NY. Sept. 9 (school)FB)                                   1w

Phoenix,, AZ. Sept. 10 (bar)                                       2w

Greensburg, LA. Sept. 12 (school)                              1d  2w

Goodyear, AZ. Sept 12 (school threat)                        0

Phoenix, AZ. Sept 12 (retail mall)                               1w

Phoenix, AZ. Sept 12 (nightclub)                1w

Chapel Hills, NC. Sept 13 (school)                             0

Country Club Hills, IL. Sept. 15 (school)                     1d

Palmdale, CA. Sept 16 (police ambush)                       1d

Denver, CO. Sept. 16 (bar)                                         5w

Foxboro, MA. Sept 17 (FB Game)                              1d

Scottsdale, AZ. Sept. 18 (C-Store)                              1w

Dorchester, MA. Sept. 18 (school brawl)                     0

Phoenix, AZ. Sept. 19 (C-Store)                                 0

Phoenix, AZ. Sept. 22 (school)                                   0

Washington D.C. Sept. 24 (Cuban embassy)                0

Phoenix, AZ. Sept. 28 (C-Store)                                 1w

September:   26 incidents    9 Deaths 21 Wounded


Year-to-date: 18,273                       Arizona: 94

119 Dead                             248 Wounded

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