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Is the C-Suite Criminally Liable?

Written by Robert D. Sollars If you follow the logic of the military that has been in effect for centuries…YES, they are. Security professionals who have been, whether they want it or not, designated to protect the lives of everyone in the facility as well as the property of our organizations it can be extremely […]


Ignoring the Warning Signs of Violence

Written by Robert D. Sollars We ignore the warning signs of workplace/school violence (WPV/SV), just like we ignore the warning light on the dashboard. In turn, that leads directly to us being responsible for being stuck in an Arizona summer at the side of the road or the turmoil & pandemonium when an incident happens. […]


Warning Signs of Violence

Written by Robert D. Sollars I consider the warning signs, listed below, to be the most important preventative measure to prevent violence of any kind in any organization. All 25 of them that I’ve collected, starting with Mid-Buchanan Middle School in Faucett, MO. In 1988 (Nathan Faris), a story for later. But the question I […]


Did the autumn season coming lessen the dying?

It may seem so with the numbers I collected below. But then again, how often does a single shooting in a location across the country ever interest the media? With the protests, politics, & the divisiveness in the country, it’s no wonder that the numbers I’ve collected are lower than normal…except for Arizona. It seems […]


How does a blind person do what they do?

Written by Robert D. Sollars Whenever I talk to people, even after 17 years, I get one question, “how do you do that?” Usually, when you explain it to them it’s a “Really? Wow that is amazing”. They have never thought of doing it without sight…and they believe it’s magic and amazing. It becomes an […]


Domestic Violence Awareness at work

Written by Robert D. Sollars Many times, domestic violence (DV) becomes a business problem, whether owners or managers believe it to be or not. Everyone, however unwittingly, within the entire organization is affected by it. But why should it be, when it’s such a personal issue and relegated to a ‘domestic’ problem not work? It […]

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