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Expect the best and prepare for the worst

Written by Robert D. Sollars Americans have been raised to see ‘the sunny side of the street’, and not much attention to those, like me, who see the insidious dark underbelly of humanity. Throughout our history it hasn’t saved us from many a dark & stormy night; the un-Civil War, WWI, the depression, WWII, Watergate, […]


Don’t listen to those liars! Part 2

Written by Robert D. Sollars Last week, I told you about how to look for someone who doesn’t like you or disagrees with you but won’t openly do anything. Those people are troublesome because they can become malcontents, rabble-rousers, and generally be miscreants who undermine many opportunities to thwart initiatives of management, good or not. […]


Unconventional Methods for Unconventional Issues

Written by Robert D. Sollars Everywhere I look, people, professionals of all stripes, are looking for conventional methods to combat both workplace & school violence (WPV/SV) issues. As I see it, the problem is that conventional…methods…just…don’t…fucking…work…any…more! In this world of viruses ravaging the population, War & terrorism – in all its forms, killing people. Governments […]


Don’t listen to the liars!

Written by Robert D. Sollars A traitor says one thing but inevitably does the exact opposite. If you promise a friend you’ll keep their secret, but instead, you blab it to everyone, you’re a traitor unless it is a matter of life or death, and sometimes even that aspect can be misconstrued. The origin of […]


Violence Numbers per State & Months for 2021

Written & compiled by Robert D. Sollars The numbers listed below are the result of the incidents I received over the course of 2021. Admittedly, the numbers for flight attendants AREN’T included in here, because it’s obvious that the media doesn’t report on these and it was a report released in late December 2021 that […]

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