Attitudinal Arrogance that Pushes Violence upon Everyone

Attitudinal Arrogance that Pushes Violence upon Everyone

Written by Robert D. Sollars


One of the biggest bug-a-boos in the corporate world. How well do you communicate and are you really effective with those changes in establishing, or reestablishing communication between all layers of the organization? From the lowliest person on the pole to the upper echelons of the C-Suite?

Usually, changes are implemented by those in the upper echelon without regard for anyone else down the ladder from them. The changes are made without any thought to any of the unintended consequences of those changes and ‘new effective & more efficient’ ways to communicate. Most of the time the changes are meant to do nothing but shake up the organization that needs to be shaken, which of course there is nothing wrong with but…it has to be vetted and thought through before being implemented, mainly because it may cause unintended consequences…which can lead to nothing but confusion if done wrong.

Unequal Enforcement of Policies:

Another thing that may be hard to avoid with your employees, especially if you have one that is eager to please. The issue is that other individuals only see the end result after an event. They don’t see the process in between and why one employee was suspended/terminated and another was only reprimanded.

Obviously, those are key factors to NOT having everyone harbor questions and begin being angrier at management for the perceived slight to them.

Perceived Unequal Treatment:

Ah, that word pops up yet again. Some employees will grumble and complain very loudly, about how policies are so unfair. But that is their perception, not necessarily based on reality. Go back to the section just above here and you’ll see it.

One individual is suspended for hitting someone, supposedly not doing anything, or a verbal tirade against them. What most individuals don’t see is the fact that something may have occurred just before it all started, and no one is talking about that part of it. Therefore, the individual may be justified in either hitting or screaming at someone else and not receiving a suspension or reprimand.

Authoritarian Style of Management:

This has been around since people started working together in groups 10,000 or more years ago. It will remain in some fashion long after we all retire or are pushing up daisies. In some cases, it’s regrettable that we are managed that way, but in others it’s justifiable.

“My way or the highway” and in some respects, it’s necessary for management to manage this way. When dealing with hazardous chemicals or in the law enforcement/security field you could call it mandatory to act and manage this way. While we may not like it, there are certain safety precautions that have to be taken in those jobs, and others, to protect more than just one person.


One thing that everyone and I haven’t met a person yet who will admit it does on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter how you do it, we all do…stereotype an individual or group. Usually, it’s for one reason and nothing more

In the 60s it was the long hair and possibly dirty clothes that would label someone as a hippie or a flower child. Today it’s younger person who is considered ‘lazy’ and doesn’t wanna work very hard because ‘they’re tired and can’t get up’.

  • Someone driving erratically is distracted, drunk, or high.
  • Someone has a speech impediment; we call them stupid.
  • Someone is blind or deaf, they’re just as stupid and a hindrance.
  • If someone is rude, brusque, and irritated then we say they are angry or mad, possibly ready to explode.

Those are all things that everyone will stereotype/profile on a daily basis. And there are millions more. Think about it. How many times have you seen someone acting a certain way and you say they must be…? Stereotyping can be dangerous. The individual may be suffering from a medical condition. They may be hurt i.e. a concussion. They may well just be plain stupid – putting on make-up in the car or eating.


This post is a little longer than I wanted it to be, but I’m hoping that by reading all of this you can get an idea on how to counteract some of these attitudes within your organization. It’s never easy to criticize yourself, but in this case, you have to evaluate how you come across to your subordinates and vice versa. Remember it’s all about the perception everyone has.     Twitter: RobertSollars2     e-mail:

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