Anyone, Even the Disabled, Can Protect Themselves With These Techniques!

Anyone, Even the Disabled, Can Protect Themselves With These Techniques!

Written by Robert D. Sollars

This post starts a new and maybe startling idea for most people, especially those who may be milquetoasts. DON’T LET ANYONE HARM YOU OR A LOVED ONE…FIGHT BACK! Yes, you may get a bit injured in the attempt, but at least they won’t be expecting it, and more than likely, unless they’re drug-fueled or just plain assholes, they’ll run away…without harming you, the family, or taking anything.

Protecting yourself from anything and everything may sound paranoid. You can either give up and give in to what someone wants, or you can fight them. Fighting is obviously my advice because it tells them that you are not going to go quietly into the night of victimhood.

While these tips are mainly for women to avoid an attack, they will work for men as well. It doesn’t matter your height or weight. They also work for those who are disabled, for the most part…nothing will work 100% of the time, no matter what anyone will tell you.

In retaliation for you fighting back, if you don’t inflict enough harm, they may do worse harm rob, assault, or rape. Remember also, these are for people who are not high on drugs such as Meth, PCP, Bath Salts, etc. Those drugs give the person, the illusion, of no pain and therefore, they can continue long after anything is done to them.

“The best defense is a good offense,” said Vince Lombardi, the legendary coach of the Green bay Packers. This is as true in self-defense as it is in football. That’s why these tips are being presented. Some of these may seem extreme, but even if you use them to just disable them for a time, you can live to tell about it with only a little trauma instead of it overwhelming you.

The key to all of these is to attempt to keep yourself out of harm’s way, in any way you can. Purchase an alarm system for home or security screens (Bulldog Screen Masters in Phoenix is an excellent choice). Buy a menacing dog. Learn situational awareness and be hyper-vigilant, or paranoid as people call me. Do what you have to, is all I can say. Now go forth and conquer.

  1. If someone grabs you from behind, stomp, as hard as you can on their in-step. They will be the ones screaming and trying to run away. But they won’t be able to move very fast. If you’re a woman wearing high heels…ensure that the heel comes down on the instep of their foot, and hard! If you’re a guy use the heels in the same way and just as hard

If you’re in a wheelchair, and you’re rolling forward, just as simple. Put your hands as far forward on the wheels as you can, push off with your feet, and literally slam into them and keep going, rolling over them if need be. They won’t expect it and the force of your hands & feet startle them enough to get someone’s attention.

  1. Listen for footsteps behind you no matter what, even in the parking lot or shopping mall. Try to recognize the same people following you around your location. situational awareness is vital to anyone, but more so for someone who is disabled or a female…remember even the “ugliest dried up old crones” can get raped…usually violently.

There has been a myriad of reports in the Phoenix area, since I moved here, of women in their 70s thru their 90s being molested & raped. At home. In their own beds. Some were left with crippling injuries, not to mention bleeding.

  1. Grab their finger, any is okay but the little & thumb are harder, place your thumb on the knuckle at the base and pull back and down as hard as you can until you hear a crack. If you’re strong enough, you can do this with all 3 of them at the same time. The thumb is a great idea, but again it is more difficult because, as with the pinkie, it’s much shorter.

This is the end of these tips for now. There is some practice you have to go through, without hurting anyone, and digest before the last part. As I have said, no one can guarantee that these will work for everyone or that everyone can do them. If you have the intestinal fortitude to carry through fighting back then do it…that is my choice. But if you don’t have that, and can’t keep your head, then don’t do anything and let happen, happen.

You must remember though. If you let happen, happen, then you’ll end up with guilt, remorse, and maybe some painful injuries that could have possibly been avoided if you’d fought back.

The 2nd part of these will be presented next, along with tips for using your white cane as a weapon if need be.

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