Anyone, Even the Disabled, Can Protect Themselves With These Techniques! Part 2

Anyone, Even the Disabled, Can Protect Themselves With These Techniques! Part 2

Written by Robert D. Sollars

These tips will work for literally anyone. But the thing you must avoid at all times when being assaulted is losing your head& panicking. When you panic in this situation, you’ve already lost the battle…the outcome has already been decided. The question then becomes…can you lose the battle but win the war? The war being you escaping with little or no physical harm…psychological harm is completely different:

These techniques below are the most violent and usually the ones that are liable to induce injury to your attacker. Take care to do these right, and you’ll have to call the police and/or emergency services. Also, remember that these hooligans deserve whatever they get from you for breaking down your sense of security and doing some psychological harm to you;

  1. Take your hand and place it into the sword position, tucking your fingers into a formation where the knuckles are pointed out from the 2nd set from the top. Use this hand position for;

Punching the throat at the windpipe

The solar plexus

Either will incapacitate someone but #1 may kill them.

  1. Take the heel of your hand and jam it into the tip and lower part of the nose, thrusting in and up. This will, if done correctly, will give them a bloody nose. The drawback is that too hard & you may kill them. Killing someone is not the best outcome but…do these hooligans and miscreants deserve better?

You can dislocate their nose by grabbing it on either side, as with your thumb and forefinger, and twisting violently side to side. That will be painful enough to force them to let go of you or run away. It will also break it in at least one spot. But it must be done violently with malice.

  1. You can also break the collarbone with a relatively low amount of pressure. It takes only about 10 pounds, or less, of pressure to break it. This injury will cause them extreme pain and they will be out of commission for several weeks. Collapse your body, elbow, knee, or similar onto the bony ridge that runs from the neck to the shoulder.
  2. Breaking the elbow or knee cap is easier than you think…twist the arm backward until the arm is straight and the elbow is exposed…Smash as hard as you can onto the elbow, repeatedly if necessary, until you hear it break, consistently twisting it behind them & holding it.

The same goes for the knee cap, but it will be harder as you have to kick just below the cap where it connects. This will have the effect of either dislocating the cap or breaking it, either way, they will be incapacitated for a time.

  1. The last one I have is more complicated and you must have the surprise advantage. Most women and children learn this at an early age but most of us forget it as a ‘dirty pool’, but it works;

Kick them in the groin as hard as you can, and if you have pointed shoes…even better. After you have them doubling over in pain… If you feel they will continue to be a threat then utilize this technique afterward…

Grab the back of their head and slam, as hard as you can, their face to your knee as you bring your knee up to meet it. This will crack their nose and possibly break other bones in the face. Crude but effective in self-defense.


If the predator has the intent of raping you, there are 2 very effective techniques to utilize…the eyes are as pulpy as a ripe grape, and the testicles are like a plum:

  1. Place your hands on their face, as if to gently caress them as would a lover. Take your thumbs and place them in the spot next to the nose and eyes…push as hard as you can in and to the outside. This will have the effect of either popping the eyeball into mush or pushing it out of the socket,
  2. The other technique is grabbing their testicles, and gently massaging them, again as you would do to a lover. Begin squeezing until it is mush. This will have the effect of placing them on the ground and not being able, or willing, to move.

Most of you have been patiently waiting for the white cane techniques I mentioned in a previous post. Well there is only one valid tip to provide for that and here it is; If you get stopped by a person or group, gauge how far away from you they are.

Extend your cane to its full length in front of you. This will have the advantage of keeping them that far away from you while you kindly ask them to move out of your way.

Going along with this, wrap the rubber holding band around your wrist and between your fingers at the same time. This allows you to hold the cane and not have it knocked out of your hand.

If you have a folding cane, as most do now, they may pull on it, but it will only extend out even further. So, if they insist on trying to take it away from you, then let them do what they can.

If you need to use your cane as a weapon, then fold it quickly, obviously efficiently & effectively, so that it is at least doubled. Once you do that, you have a ‘club’ to use against your attacker.

If you must hit them, use the points I used earlier…the throat, solar plexus, groin, etc.

Your cane won’t produce the same effects as your hands but at least, hopefully, it’ll save you from harm in any form…even if it causes them harm.

I have been called, many times, an “old fashioned “dirty-assed street fighter”. I learned a lot of dirty tricks back in the day. Don’t, and I repeat don’t, use these on anyone who isn’t assaulting you, you could really injure them permanently.

I hope these will help literally anyone, to keep themselves safe and not be assaulted. Remember, the greatest advantage & self-defense technique you can have is situational awareness. Have situational awareness and you’ll be safer than if you carried an M-16.     Twitter: RobertSollars2     e-mail:

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It happens to Anyone…Any Time…Anywhere… For any Reason

I May Be Blind, but My Vision Is Crystal Clear

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