An apology & Media Appearance

An apology & Media Appearance

Written by Robert D. D. Sollars

First, the most important thing…an apology.

Our internet went down…again…for an extended time period this past week. While Eileen’s e-mail came back, mine has not, unable to either receive or send any e-mails, so…

That is the reason for not receiving any posts from me last week, of any kind. Here are the ones that I’ve posted to make up for last week and of course, there will be a couple more this week as well to make up for lost time and get back on schedule;

Should the Disabled be Eazy Pickins?

Should the Disabled be Eazy Pickins? – Part 2

Secondly, I had an interview last week on the local radio station, It was on the shooting in Nashville, TN. Last Monday the 27th, in which 3 children & 4 adults, including the shooter, were killed. Here is the link for it, if you wish to listen.


Again, I apologize for not posting last week. Take care and be safe!     Twitter: RobertSollars2     e-mail:

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