Active Shooters were also active in May

Compiled by Robert D. Sollars
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Well, it certainly didn’t rain death & destruction as April did with WPV/SV incidents. Which I’m all in favor of, but the only question I have is how could the number of incidents among flight attendants have been so high and barely a one reported? Is it, like Domestic Violence, be a “personal” matter and not in a specific location…the air, and not the ground? Or is it that flight attendants aren’t worth worrying about when they get assaulted?

According to the Flight Attendants Union, more than 2,500 assaults occurred between April 8 and May 15 this year alone! This was publicized by an incident from Sacramento to San Diego on the 25th of May. When are going to start reporting these incidents as real violence, whether they are domestic events, child abuse, in the air, or at a light rail station in San Jose?

One incident I did learn of this month from Omaha, NE. A series of shooting & bombing threats were received by several school districts in the Omaha area in April on one day. They were attributed to a mentally ill former physician in Tucson, AZ. Where he was arrested and is being charged with those incidents.

ASHWAUBENON, WI. May 1 (casino) 3d 1w
Phoenix, AZ. May 3 (C-Store) 1w
Rigby, ID. May 6 (school) 3w
Columbia, SC. May 6 (school) 0
Brookfield, WI. May 7 (retail) 1w
New York, NY. May 8 (Times Square) 3w
Glendale, Az. May 9 (c-store) 1w
Phoenix, Az. May 9 (hotel) 1d 7w
Phoenix, AZ. May 9 (retail) 1d
Orlando, FL. May 10 (INS) 2w
S. El Monte, CA. My 10 (LIFT) 1w
Queen Creek, AZ. May 13 (retail) 1w
Phoenix, AZ. May 14 (bus stop) 1d
Peoria, AZ. May 17 (C-store) 1d
Gardner, IL. May 13 (school) 1w
Phoenix, AZ. May 19 (govt) 0
Sacramento, CA. May 25 (airline) 1w
San Jose, CA. May 26 (light rail) 10d
Kerrville, TX. May 28 (Threat) 0
Miami, FL. May 30 (release party) 3d 24w
May: 20 incidents 20 dead 47 wounded

Year-to-Date: 2,6702 Arizona:55
117 Dead 157 wounded
It happens to Anyone…Any Time… Anywhere… For any Reason
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