About Robert D. Sollars and Sollars Violence Prevention Training & Consulting

Robert has nearly 40 years of experience in the security field. He began his career as a field level security officer, with now defunct Wells Fargo Guard Services, and within months was promoted to supervisor. He garnered Guard of the Month honors for his outstanding performance with Peachtree Doors and Windows when, due to Robert’s performance, they decided to use WFGS corporate wide with their security program. He worked in a variety of locations including soft sites to heavy manufacturing.

He made a reputation in more than 25 pre-strike, strike, and post-strike operations, as someone who could step in and get the job done, managing as many as 2,000 billable hours & 125 officers, being commended for his crisis management skills.

In 1996 he began working for the largest privately owned Security Company in the country, Allied-SpectaGuard now Allied-Universal. He didn’t waste time in garnering promotions and awards for his diligence, unique way of getting the job done efficiently & effectively. He was promoted twice in short order. He was awarded the ALLStar Programs Fourth Level Certification and was awarded the President’s You Make a Difference award.

During this time, he also formed his own consulting company, Sollars & Associates. As a result of this, he has been featured on numerous regional radio and television talk shows as a security expert. His topics included workplace & school violence prevention and home security. He was named to the Security Watch newsletter advisory panel in early 1996.

In addition to radio and television, he has also been quoted in newspapers, including the Kansas City Star and Security Concepts. He has been published more than 75 times in several newsletters and magazines, including Security Management, Security Management Dynamics, local ASIS chapter newsletters (Kansas City & Phoenix), and Security Watch. He also helped to edit a security officer-training manual for Prentice Hall. Northwestern University’s Police Staff and Command College have used one of his articles successfully in their training program (Taming of the Workplace June 1996).

Working outside the security field, he was an on-site coordinator for a temporary staffing agency, developing and delivering a safety-training program for the client. He also managed the activities of four services at the client site – this included payroll, orientation training, and accompanying paperwork for up to 75 employees and 3,000 weekly hours. While in this position he reduced complaints to the agencies by 99%.

With all positions, even as a security officer he was involved with:

  • Interviewing, employee screening, & Hiring
  • Coaching
  • Training (both classroom & OJT)
  • Revising post orders and manuals to ensure client compliance
  • Scheduling
  • Management of accounts & projects
  • Disciplinary action, and if necessary, termination
  • Physical security surveys
  • Workplace violence consulting and training
  • Being available 24/7 to his clients and officers
  • Spoken to and given presentations to CEO’s, General Managers, business owners, and employees
  • Providing back-up for officers and clients when necessary
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