A Workplace Violence Scenario

Advisable to Read This – STRONG LANGUAGE USED

A Workplace Violence Scenario

Written by Robert D. Sollars

While this is a fictionalized account, I’ve read & seen this happen innumerable times in the 30 years I’ve been a WPV expert. Again, I warn you that strong language is used.

“I’m going to bed! When I get up in the morning, you’d fucking better well be at the table sitting on your fat fucking ass ready to explain to me why you’ve been cheating on me! I give you food, a place to live, alcohol, drugs when you want, and sex when you want. I fucking give you times in you want or need you bitch! Don’t make me come looking for you in the morning. If you do, you’re gonna be awfully sorry, you conniving bitch whore!” with that he slammed the door so hard it literally shook the entire house, rattling even the windows.

Sharee,45 years old, diminutive but pretty by most standards,  sat at the kitchen table with her head in her hands before collapsing into her arms and falling asleep at the table. She awoke with a start and realized that she’d be late for work if she didn’t get moving. She washed off in the sink, so as to not arouse Harold. She couldn’t afford to use the bathroom so she went without deodorant, cologne, and make-up today. Her hands were shaking wildly and her lips were trembling with the tears that still flowed. She felt her face where he’d hit her last night and felt the bruise that was going to close her eye today.

She parked in the lot, then anxiously looked around to spot his car anywhere. She didn’t so she walked swiftly towards the door. She was late, but only a couple of minutes. The manager would understand, because she’d told him about this ‘situation’ two weeks ago. They’d referred her to the EAP, but she hadn’t yet gotten an appointment.

She waved at the security officer, in her booth down the entry hall on the left by a good 30 feet. She smiled when she smiled and waved, and then a bone-chilling moment of hell screamed at her.

“Bitch! You fucking whore! I told you not to leave the damned house bitch!” he screamed using his baritone voice to blast the command throughout the building. Sharee froze in place. Her feet refused to move and her soul was as frozen as the Antarctic winter. He was about to beat the shit out of her at work, in front of all of her friends and colleagues. Her scarred face and body, where he’d abused her, including the broken rib that made it hard to breathe was shivering in terror and the horror at the events unfolding in front of her.

“I told you you were going to get what’s coming if you left the house and you defied my orders. Now you’ll get it for cheating on me, you slimy whore!”

“But Harold, I didn’t cheat on you.” The 40ish woman screamed with tears that flowed in torrents out of her eyes, forcing the dark red of the left eye to start bulging out in a spectacular display of abuse. “He was just a friend who brought me home because the car broke down! It meant nothing! He was just being kind to me!”

“Like bull fucking shit! Yes, you did, you fucking bitch, and after I blow your brains all over these walls, I’m gonna walk in there and find that dirty motherfucker who tried to take you away from me and turned you against me, making sure he gets his just desserts as well…all over the nicely painted walls Painted with his fucking brains an blood!” he yelled back at her as he punched her as hard as he could in the face. She fell to her knees and he stood over her and glowered. He pulled out his .45 military-issue pistol and cocked it.

“Hey you bastard, what are you doing?” a man yelled at him from down the hall, running towards the employee entrance foyer. About that time, the female security officer came flying out of her entry point office towards the argument. She reached for his gun arm to twist it away from Sharee, but he pistol-whipped her and she fell backward. She was thrown into the wall as he smiled a grim reaper smile at her and began laughing.

She stood up and began another surge towards him, “Oh no you don’t bitch! You did this too!” A flash of satisfaction went through him as a large red hole

He turned the pistol towards her and fired. A bright crimson hole erupted from her clavicle & throat, spraying blood everywhere. She crumpled and fell to the ground, dead before she hit the floor.

He then turned his pistol hand towards the male rushing down the hall, realizing that more employees were coming to the entrance. He never heard the whimpering and pleading his wife was doing at his feet. She rolled from her knees to her side, laying there crying and moaning in pain. A swift kick in her stomach made her scream, as he fired another round and saw the man go down with a hole in his stomach.

He pointed the firearm toward his wife, “Here you go bitch, your punishment for cheating on me. Fucking whore.” He pulled the trigger and her head exploded all over the tiled floor.

Through his exhilaration and feelings of triumph, he heard the sirens of the police and ambulances closing in on the office building. He saw dozens of people running towards him yelling at him, some in horror, and others in an attempt to have him stop and surrender.

He fired the remaining seven rounds into the crowd, striking 5 people. Again, the exhilaration, over-whelmed him and he smiled broadly. He then ejected the clip and rammed in another one as he headed for the doors. When he got there, he saw the cops running to the building.

He knew this was the end of the line, so he turned the pistol around and fired more shots into the crowd and then 3 more shots into his already dead wife. Finally, with a shit-eating smile on his face, he put the pistol in his mouth and pulled the trigger, his brain material splattering the entry wall of the lobby.

The next post will break this down and show you some of the warning signs that show up here. If you spot them, then write me back and let me know.

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