A New Year’s resolution that MUST be kept!

A New Year’s resolution that MUST be kept!

It happens to Anyone…Any Time…Anywhere…For any Reason

I May Be Blind, but My Vision Is Crystal Clear


Written by Robert D. Sollars

Most Americans say they make New Year’s Resolutions, mainly to make their lives better, get fit, find someone to hold on to, get rich, or in some cases not to get caught & arrested, being sent to prison. There are usually specific ways to put these down so you remember them and invigorate yourself to follow through.

Bathroom mirrors, on your phone/iPad/computer as a daily reminder, or just having a friend who is your workout buddy, possibly a spouse. Do you have a special ritual you like to do before and/or after the new year? Everyone I know seems to have a different way of approaching New Year’s resolutions. And.

whatever works for each person, that’s perfectly acceptable. It’s like setting goals … if you don’t know what you want your desired outcome to be, it’s a challenge to bring that goal into reality…no matter what it may be.

Unfortunately, the resolution after a few weeks, usually becomes a fleeting thought drifting through the air floating in the fouled business ideas, personal goals, relationships, and many other things. They become forgotten and or ignored. This usually, according to some studies, occurs less than a month into the year…they don’t even last until February! Makes us kinda shallow for our well-being doesn’t it, or that we don’t value ourselves very well.

I’m going to give YOU a resolution that must, absolutely must…please, be kept. It’s not for you specifically, but everyone you hold dear or work with…no matter how you feel about them. I’ve worked with people in the past too and I could’ve cared less what happened to them…unless gunfire erupted in the office, store, or plant.

The thing I’m talking about, you should already know. Preventing workplace & school violence (WPV/SV). Those two items can make or break your business for the entire year and possibly for the rest of its life…not to mention your life and the lives of people around you…which may not be too long after an incident and the litigation starts.

Then about yourself and the other people involved. Lifelong psychological trauma, life-altering injuries (think lack of mobility, hearing, sight, loss of limbs, and a myriad of other things), as well as death. DO YOU wish to witness a friend or co-worker with one of those ‘injuries’ for the rest of their life? Whether they are an employee or not isn’t the point.

Those things impact the entire organization, for-profit or not, every single day for potentially years or decades (the school shooting in Faucet, MO. In 1988 is still a discussion that is never brought up to the public). Want that hanging over YOUR head 5, 10, 15, or more years from now? A very heavy burden to shoulder as we get older.

The resolution I talked about in the headline? Training yourselves, employees, the organization, and anyone else in avoiding an incident of WPV or SV. The headlines last for weeks about how YOU didn’t do enough to prevent these tragedies, just look at the headlines that lingered for weeks about the school shooting in Oxford MI. on a myriad of subjects.

Those accusations also will lead to litigation that will land YOU & THE ORGANIZATION in court and probably liable for millions of dollars in restitution, as well as psychological trauma and other items, for the victims. But can $$$$ cover the hurt and trauma caused to a family or significant other because of this?

Call, or write, me to schedule an appointment to train your people, and yourself, in preventing these incidents and avoid the possibility of something occurring with the backing of a security professional with 40 years of experience behind him. We’re responsive, reasonable, and willing to work with you on price if need be. Don’t let a lack of financial resources to pay for an entire package impact your decision not to do this…the business, and lives of those you hold dear, may be on the line!

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It happens to Anyone…Any Time…Anywhere… For any Reason

I May Be Blind, but My Vision Is Crystal Clear

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