10 Truths, & lies, No one will tell you about Workplace/School Violence Prevention

Written by Robert D. Sollars

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Who is your biggest adversary in the world of Workplace/School violence Prevention, and consequently saving the lives of people inside the organization? The answer is very, very simple. They are right smack dab in your Midst. No, if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. They are in your midst trying to sell you products for securing the barn door after the horse has left…not Preventative intelligent, and financially responsible, solutions.
In this post, are several truths, and lies, that not many consultants or other security professionals will tell you about workplace/school violence (WPV/SV) prevention. Most consultants, security professionals, as well as others who will consult with you can tell you about it…and it ain’t much. Just What they & High-Priced contractors are PRAYING You Never Figure Out on Your Own!
1. Security companies who know the truth but won’t tell you for fear of losing a contract, upsetting their (potential) clients.
2. Law Enforcement, because of their training and in a strict authoritarian style manner not to believe what they aren’t taught, and when it comes to this issue, they ain’t taught nearly enough of the simple truths for prevention.
3. The media who wish only for hand-wringing, people bawling making excuses, fluff stories to counter it, & leading us to feel what they want us to feel, like a ring in the nose of a bull.

Now a few lies that everyone ignores about this very serious issue to…everyone concerned:
1. The parents aren’t responsible for violence in our schools, as administrators aren’t either…just because they ignore the warning signs, their Lil angel would never do anything to hurt another’, and don’t report universally what is happening. This despite the truth that who should know they kids best…the school or parents? You decide that one.
2. There aren’t any ways to prevent WPV/SV…period, isn’t any way! Just because they want to ignore the 24 warning signs which could be the precursor of that violence…not to mention the attitudes that literally everyone has that helps to foster it.
3. We train the guards & teachers to call the police for that stuff, ignoring the fact that the police won’t show up until it’s all over (3 – 5 minutes) and the blood splatter is everywhere along with the destruction & trauma it causes.
4. our ‘guards, not officers mind you, don’t need any specialized training in this area, it’ll never happen and they’re not smart enough anyway.
5. “We’re not responsible for these things, anyway. We can’t stop someone who snaps”, but if they report the signs and stop their attitudes then…
6. Security doesn’t need to learn or know customer service, they are the ones to enforce our policies, they need to be rough & gruff…and if someone complains we’ll fire the stupid guard instead of confronting the overall issues.
7. We’ll teach a method of evacuation that is fit for a perpetrator, why teach any better to mislead them?
8. We’ll teach everyone to be wimps and not try to stop it, like Flight 93 in Shanksville, PA, they all died.
9. We don’t need to train anyone, from students, parents, teachers, administrators, managers, employees, or the C-Suite to prevent, stop, or identify these perpetrators …besides it’s too much to saddle them with
10. “It Can’t Happen Here…
11. We knowThe the best company to call for all of this and get it fixed, without anything from us but a check!
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