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More than 15 million incidents of Workplace/School violence occur every year?

Each incident that turns fatal could cost you in excess of $10 million?

Inadequate supervision & training of security staff can cost you multiple millions?

It Can Happen to Anyone…Any Time…Any Where…For Any Reason

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2020 has been a textbook year for why Violence Prevention Training is so necessary!

Thanks to COVID-19, 2020 has been a year of upheaval and turmoil. We’ve seen protests, rallies, looting, increased domestic violence, and civil discord, all of which has spilled over into workplaces and schools. Sollars Violence Prevention Training will help you train employees, teachers, and individuals how to better handle violent situations, to keep themselves and others out of harms way.

Workplace Violence Statistics

The statistics on workplace violence are appalling!

• 17% of all workplace deaths are attributed to workplace violence.

• 89% of all healthcare workers have reported being bullied, harassed, threatened or assaulted – 61% of those incidents were because of patients or their family members.

• Between 7 and 12% of all assaults are committed by co-workers and 9% are committed by customers.

• Approximately 9.5% of incidents occur because of a work dispute.

• The #2 cause of death in the workplace is murder, and the #1 cause of death for women in the workplace.

• 40% of all murders in the workplace involving women are related to domestic violence.

• Domestic violence will cause between $3 billion and $5 billion annually in lost productivity, absenteeism and healthcare costs.

• ONLY 17% of workers believe their employers have a high interest in preventing workplace violence (study 2011 Allied-Universal).

• Average cost after a workplace violence incident is $50,000, and $5.6 million per employee killed in the incident, on average.

• It costs $20,000 to recruit another employee who quits after a workplace violence incident (and 50% – 66% of employees will quit due to the incident).

Benefits of Hiring Sollars Violence Prevention

The Benefits of Hiring Sollars Violence Prevention

• Complete attention to your issues … as a blind person, Robert Sollars listens more closely … to you and your issues.

• 40 years of experience in the security and customer service fields. He is a professional who has extensive experience working between management and field officers to get things done!

• Extraordinary problem solving to resolve issues that may be costing you financial resources.

• Years of experience improving customer service awareness and customer satisfaction … issues that affect and improve your bottom line.

• Training to prevent lawsuits arising from incidents involving workplace violence and other security issues.

• Training to improve security officer and supervisory performance, raise awareness to workplace and school violence, and increase effectiveness and efficiency in handling challenging situations.

• Creative, quirky, unique, innovative, & out-of-the-box customized solutions for your particular problems.

• Available 24/7/365 to resolve issues with officers, clients, and management – on-site or phone.


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